Grants and grant making

The Trust provides ongoing support for medical and dental education at Barts and the London Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, through scholarships for undergraduate students, studentships for postgraduate researchers and support for the Dean's Benevolence Fund.

The Trustees work closely with Queen Mary University of London ("the College") in order to assess applications for funding from Barts and the London Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry ("the School") and to ensure that its funds are being used subject to the conditions of the grants and represent the best use of the Trust's resources.

The Trustees welcome applications for grants that accord with the College's strategy (including research grants) and other meritorious applications for funding to support medical and dental education at the School.

Undergraduate scholarships

The John Abernethy, Dean Rees and Dame Margaret Seward scholarships

The Trust awards three undergraduate scholarships each year for up to six years each. These are set at £5,000 each. Nomination of the scholars is by the School.

Visit the College website for more information about the John Abernethy, Dean Rees and Dame Margaret Seward scholarships.

The Barts and London Scholarships

The Trust awards up to three scholarships to students from East London of which one is for a student from The Drapers' Academy and one for a student from St Paul's Way Trust School. The value is £15,000 per annum. Nomination of the scholars is by the School.

The Edith Cavell and Samuel Gee scholarships

The Trust also awards two intercalated degree bursaries in health and social care and one intercalated degree bursary in oral health awarded annually with a value of £5,000 each. Again, nomination is by the School.

Summer Vacation Scholarships and Conference Bursaries

The Trust provides a number of Summer Vacation Scholarships to fund undergraduate students carrying out their elective research projects during the summer vacations as well as bursaries to assist undergraduate students to attend international conferences where relevant. Nomination of the students is by the School.

Postgraduate research studentships

PhD Studentships

The Trust awards a number of clinical and non-clinical PhD studentships for up to three years at the pre-consultant level (including GPs in training). The studentships cover the home/EU PhD registration fees, the student's stipend (where applicable) and consumables up to approximately £7,000 per year. Occasionally other costs such as travel to international conferences to present work may be covered too. The Trust advertises jointly with the School for candidates when studentships become available and runs an application and interview process with the School to award the studentships. For more information on PhD Studentships visit Queen Mary’s information on Research Organisations and Training.

The Dean's Benevolence Fund

The Trust has made several grants to support the Dean's Benevolence Fund for the relief of student hardship. It works with the College and the Barts and The London Students' Association to assess the level of student need and how the Trust can help to alleviate this.

For more information on the Fund visit Queen Mary's information on University Hardship Funds.

Contingency Grant Funds

The Trust has the discretion to award up £50,000 per annum in ad hoc funding to support worthwhile research and educational projects at the School which require emergency or short-term funding, with an individual award limit of £10,000.

Applicants must submit a written application setting out: the nature of the research or educational project and how it fits within the School’s strategy; why the funding is required and whether other sources for that funding are available; what the funding will be used for, when it is required and what difference it would make to the project; and their CV, research and publication record (if applicable

For more information, please contact the Trust’s Secretary.

Other grants

The Trust has also made substantial grants to fund:

  • the Google Glass project to determine the availability and use of simulation in surgical teaching, training and assessment within the undergraduate curriculum and to run such a curriculum;
  • two posts with the College’s Development Directorate for the sole benefit of the School, namely a Development Manager and an Alumni Officer;
  • the fit-out of the William Harvey Research Institute, Charterhouse Square;
  • the Chair of Vascular Inflammation at the Heart Centre;
  • Early Career Research fellowships at the School;
  • the Joan Adams Fellowship, a clinical academic training fellowship to provide funding for registrars in endocrinology at the School;
  • student outreach workers, known as Explainers, at the Centre of the Cell;
  • the development and delivery of a lay teaching associate programme in gynaecology for fourth year medical students at the School;
  • the College's Pathology Museum in preserving its specimen collection for the benefit of future generations of students;
  • recreational facilities for medical and dental students at Dawson Hall;
  • a clinical lectureship programme at the School;
  • the human tissue bank component of a major research project funded by Cancer Research UK;
  • the QM Model, a four-year project run by the College to provide an innovative teaching and learning initiative that will broaden opportunities for the School's undergraduates within and beyond higher education;
  • "Pride of Place", a project run by the Barts and The London Students' Union to educate and inform students and visitors about the history of Barts and The London;
  • the post of Grants Officer at the School;
  • the cataloguing, conservation and digitisation of the Barts archive; and
  • the Chair (and other ancillary administrative positions to support the Chair) of the newly formed Institute of Population Health Sciences for five years.

Further information

Information about the lives of those after whom the Trust's awards are named is available in the list of biographies [PDF].